About MBBS in Kazakhstan

  • MBBS Fee: Rs. 55 lac
  • MCI Exam: Required
  • Duration: 4.5 Year
  • book icon Internship: 1 Year
  • Enrolled: 65 students
  • Language: English
  • 10+2 Marks: 50% PCB

About Kazakhstan Short Details

People’s Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Capital: Nur-Sultan
  • Population : 18 million (UN, 2012)
  • Area : 2.7 million sq km (1 million sq miles)
  • Major languages Kazakh, Russian
  • Major religions Islam, Christianity
  • Life expectancy 68 years (men), 77 years (women) (UN)
  • Currency Tenge

he indigenous Kazakhs were a nomadic Turkic people who belonged to several divisions of Kazakh hordes. They grouped together in settlements and lived in dome-shaped tents made of felt called yurts. Their tribes migrated seasonally to find pastures for their herds of sheep, horses, and goats. Although they had chiefs, the Kazakhs were rarely united as a single nation under one great leader. Their tribes fell under Mongol rule in the 13th century and they were dominated by Tartar khanates until the area was conquered by Russia in the 18th century.

Higher Education in Kazakhstan

MBBS in Kazakhstan
  • It is well-known and in-demand course for the students.
  • The study is for five years and the candidates get to hold the degree if they qualify with good marks and college.
  • If you are planning to pursue MBBS in kazakhstan as your career then the right decision is to take admission in top medical universities in Kazakhstan.
  • The republic of Kazakhstan is blooming in the field of medical colleges.
  • It can be a huge relief for the students who are planning to go for Mbbs abroad.
  • Unlike other international destinations, Kazakhstan offers medical education at affordable prices allowing the international students to get an excellent education at the most reduced rates.
  • There are many medical universities in Kazakhstan that grant incredible clinical practice to the MBBS students. They aim to ensure that students get excellent learning exposure before they start practicing their profession.
  • The country gives an exceptional option to international students willing to become great doctors of tomorrow.

Why Study in Kazakhstan?

  • Kazakhstan is a culturally rich country that is fairly mainstream but a protected republic that has a varied topography that includes the steppes, taiga, ravines, slopes, delta and snow clad mountains.
  • It is a picturesque nation that seems cradled within the backdrop of mountains so as a student studying MBBS in Kazakhstan.
  • You can be sure of beautiful scenery and panoramic views of natural beauty throughout your stay.
  • The country has an impressive GDP which makes it a fast developing nation but with noteworthy medical infrastructure making it a favored nation for studying MBBS abroad.
  • The international element and diversity of the country is the key factor in making it global hub of education due to its collaborations with international educational bodies.
  • Al- Farabi Kazakh National university

  • Established in 1934 and located in Almaty Kazakhstan.
  • It is the leader of the National Rankings among the medical universities of Kazakhstan.
  • It was conferred with the laureate of the Award of the commonwealth of independent states for achievements in the area of quality and services in the history of the country.
  • Al Farabi is ranked 207 in the QS world University Rankings (as of 2019) and Kazakhstan’s highest ranked university.
  • Course duration : 5 years + 1 internship
  • Recognized by : MCI, WHO, NMC,IMED, USMLE etc
  • Tuition fees : 1st year $6,800 and 2nd – 6th year $5,200 (including hostel)
  • Climate: In summer the temperatures average more than 30°C and in winter average is −20 °C
  • Traveling to Almaty – Fights from Kathmandu to Almaty airport.

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